SWAN Surgery

Northgate Street,
Bury St Edmunds

Forest Surgery

Bury Road, Brandon


2013   A pharmacy opened on site at Swan Surgery

Swan Surgery changed clinical computer systems to enable sharing of information between community services and other NHS organisations

2012   Gained the contract to deliver medical services at Forest Surgery

Admin offices were relocated to the building nest door to Swan Surgery to create space for an additional 4 consulting rooms

2010   Introduction of automated telephone system to allow appointments to be booked or cancelled 24/7
2009   Number of doctors at the practice reaches 10 Second screen for touch-screen arrivals system added
2006   Online booking system introduced to enable patients to book appointments and order prescriptions
Touch-screen arrival system introduced in the reception area
2004   The surgery introduced technology to link with the local district general hospital. This allowed  laboratory test results to be received electronically
2003   A second extension provided 2 further consultation rooms and a teaching area. The number of doctors increased to 5
2002   Surgery pilots PMS (Personal Medical Service) scheme. The scheme is designed to allow medical staff to test different ideas for delivering and improving health care with a focus on local requirements. The scheme is now fully adopted
1998   The first extension provided an additional 2 consultation rooms added to surgery buildings. This allowed the surgery to expand the number of doctors to 4
1988   Swan Surgery was set up by Dr. Crispin Dunne as the only doctor

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