Swan Surgery

SWAN Surgery

Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds
Appointments: 01284 770440
Prescription Enquiries: 01284 770446
Prescription Orders: 01284 770443
General Enquiries: 01284 750011
Email: admin.swansurgery@nhs.net

Forest Surgery

Bury Road, Brandon
Appointments: 01842 810206
Prescription Enquiries: 01842 816154
General Enquiries: 01842 810206
Email: admin.forestsurgery@nhs.net
Forest Surgery

Missed Appointments

Due to an increase in the number of wasted appointments through patients failing to attend appointments without informing the surgery.

If you cannot attend your appointments for any reason please let us know as soon as possible, giving at least 24 hours notice.

We can then offer the appointment to someone else.

Due to the number of patients failing to attend appointments, it may be that you are not able to see the Doctor on the day that you wish to.

In an attempt to try and resolve this, the practice has developed the following policy:

  • If you fail to attend two or more appointments without informing us, we will write to you asking if there are any specific problems preventing you from letting us know.
  • If you repeatedly fail to attend for appointments, you may be removed from the practice list and have to find an alternative GP practice.

 Thank you for your co-operation.

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from. Swan Surgery goes live with Electronic Prescribing 24th May 2017 and Forest Surgery on 23rd May!

What does this mean for you?

If you collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP you will not have to visit your GP practice to pick up your paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send it electronically to the place you choose, saving you time.

You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because they can be collected from a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.

Is this service right for you?

Yes, if you have a stable condition and you:

don’t want to go to your GP practice every time to collect your repeat prescription.

collect your medicines from the same place most of the time or use a prescription collection service now.

It may not be if you:

X don’t get prescriptions very often.

X pick up your medicines from different places.

How can you use EPS?

You need to choose a place for your GP practice to electronically send your prescription to. This is called nomination. You can choose:

  • a pharmacy.
  • a dispensing appliance contractor (if you use one).

Ask any pharmacy that offers EPS to add your nomination.

Any questions please speak to the medicines management team or your chosen Pharmacy.

Download our ‘A new way to get your medicines and appliances’

Go Online!

Did you know you can book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access your summary care record online?

Speak to one of our receptionists for further details.  Applications must be accompanied by photographic ID.

Is your child vaccinated?

Get your baby off to the best start with free tips from Start4Life.

Keep up-to-date with your child’s vaccinations with this interactive planner.

Enter your child’s date of birth and see which vaccines they should have and when.  You can even download a handy wall planner to help you keep track.

And, you can take it to your GP or health visitor as a starting point for discussing how to get your child fully protected.


Button Batteries – a Health Risk

Surgeons are warning of the potentially deadly risk posed to young children by button batteries.

If accidentally swallowed, the small, round batteries can get lodged in the oesophagus and burn a hole through its lining.

Major surgery has to be performed often with life-changing results.

Click here for the full report by BBC News.

Know your Numbers!!

Know your numbers week takes place between 14-20 September.  High blood pressure causes strokes and heart attacks.  It is a ‘silent killer’ as it has no symptoms.  The only way to know you have it is to get a blood pressure check.  ‘Make Every Second Count’ and Know your Numbers!  It could save your life.

Be Clear On Cancer – Breast Cancer

As a group, women over 70 are still at risk of breast cancer.  Over 70s are still entitled to free screening and can self-refer.  Being breast aware and undertaking breast screening is important in identifying problem early, thus improving outcomes.

Patient Participation Group End of Year Reports

The Patient Participation Group Year End Reports for 2014/15 have now been finalised.

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No Smoking Day – 11 March 2015

Over 10 million people in the UK still smoke, and around 100,000 die every year from smoking-related causes. No Smoking Day is the British Heart Foundation’s yearly push to encourage smokers to stub out their last cigarette for good on 11 March and get started on the path to being ‘proud quitters’. Visit the No Smoking Day website for campaign packs and downloadable resources to help support the campaign in reaching more smokers than ever.

Stepping Out in Suffolk

Walking can…Make you feel good. Give you more energy.
Reduce stress & help you sleep better. Keep your heart ‘strong’.
Reduce blood pressure. Help you to manage your weight.
Why is walking the perfect activity for health?
Almost everyone can do it. You can do it anywhere & any time.
It’s a chance to make new friends.
It’s free & you don’t need special equipment.
You can start slowly & build up gently.

Health Walks are….. Free and you do not need to book.
All are Welcome…… Health Walks are graded with approximate times and distances to suit all walkers abilities.
Our walks are….. led by trained volunteer walk leaders to be effective and above all enjoyable.

CLICK HERE for further information!

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