Swan Surgery

SWAN Surgery

Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds
Appointments: 01284 770440
Prescription Enquiries: 01284 770446
Prescription Orders: 01284 770443
General Enquiries: 01284 750011
Email: admin.swansurgery@nhs.net

Forest Surgery

Bury Road, Brandon
Appointments: 01842 810206
Prescription Enquiries: 01842 816154
General Enquiries: 01842 810206
Email: admin.forestsurgery@nhs.net
Forest Surgery

Private and unregistered (temporary) patients

There are occasions when we can see patients who are not registered at the surgery.

Temporary patients

Temporary patients are typically short-stay visitors to the area who qualify for NHS treatment. If you are registered with a doctor in another area of the UK or a visitor from a country with a reciprocal healthcare arrangement with the UK, you can see a doctor at the practice under the NHS.

If you are going to be living in the area for more than 3 months, we ask you to register with a doctor at the surgery so we can obtain your full medical history.

Private patients

Private patients are those people who do not qualify for NHS treatment. You may be treated as a private patient because:

  • You require a service that is not available under the NHS, such as a medical report
  • You need treatment that is not paid for by the NHS.

Private patients usually pay to see a doctor and for treatment, sometimes using health insurance.

If you are uncertain whether you can be seen by a doctor under the NHS please contact us.

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